Empower your WordPress Website with Alipay

China Payments Plugin opens your WordPress website and business to hundreds of millions of Chinese customers. 

Trusted by businesses across the world

Get access to hundreds of millions of potential customers using Alipay every day.

Offer a seamless checkout flow with the Alipay mobile app or website. 

All funds get deposited into your bank account based on your Stripe supported country.

How it Works

Create a Stripe account and activate Alipay in your Stripe Dashboard. 

Install China Payments Plugin on your WordPress website and Connect your Stripe account

Accept payments with WooCommerce, MemberPress, or Payment Buttons.


Customers are given the option to complete checkout with the Alipay mobile app or website.

After customers complete payment, your website redirects to a Payment Confirmation page of your choice.

Start accepting Alipay
on your WordPress website today.

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