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The China Payments Plugin and MemberPress integration lets you accept WeChat Pay and Alipay directly in the MemberPress checkout.

Seamless Integration with MemberPress

Connect your Stripe account to China Payments Plugin, and start accepting WeChat Pay and Alipay seamlessly on your Membership site. 

Your Chinese customers will be blown away at how easy it is to join your platform and pay for their Membership. 

MemberPress Checkout with Instructional Text

Customizable Checkout UI

You can set the title and instructions for each payment method independently, giving your customers transparency and confidence as to what comes next in the checkout process. 

You can also customize the instructional text at each step, from checkout > to payment > to confirmation. 

Multi-Currency Support

Accept Chinese Yuan or your Stripe account’s default currency. 

Just change your MemberPress currency settings, and the plugin automatically adapts. Both WeChat Pay and Alipay can be settled in CNY. 

Stripe Connect Onboarding

It’s easier than ever to connect your MemberPress site to your Stripe account with Stripe Connect onboarding. In a few clicks, you’ll be on the way to accepting WeChat Pay and Alipay in your MemberPress checkout. 

Start Accepting Payments from Chinese Customers today


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