How I Get Paid from my Chinese Students

Fun Learning ESL Teacher

It’s a uniquely challenging time for ESL teachers who recently decided to go independent. For these teachers, getting paid can be especially difficult right now.

How WeChat Pay Opens Your Brand to Chinese Consumers

A Chinese Making Payments Using His Phone

WeChat, the largest social networking site in China, has grown into what is arguably the most versatile Chinese network today. It offers instant messaging, video calls, microblogging, connecting with interest groups, and a marketplace. It is also possible to conduct transactions on the app, through WeChat Pay. It is fast becoming a preferred payment method […]

Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Stripe Payment Processing

Stripe Payment

Are you in the process of selecting a payment processor for your online business? If so, then you’ve probably heard of Stripe and are curious to learn more about it. In this guide, we’ll address that concern and give you a brief overview of what this technology is capable of. Let’s begin.   What are […]

Accept Payments from China Easily Using China Payments Plugin

Online Payments Using Card

We started this plugin with the firm belief that it should be easy for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and even medium size companies to accept payments from clients all over the world. Amazingly, the Stripe API unlocks a yet difficult to tap market for small businesses – China. Connecting your business to a Stripe account in […]